Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna

The amazing “Boom and Bust” cycle of the Australian environment is never more evident than in a place like Innamincka. 2011 was a “boom” cycle for water birds after the floods of 2010. Little Black Cormorants and juvenile Nankeen Night Herons littered the Coopers. Egrets, Intermediate and Great were on the banks, trees or rocks at every bend in Creek. Pelicans, of course, were there in their hundreds.
The bush birds were varied, as can seen by the 2011 “Bird List”, but to the surprise of the bird-watchers only one Budgerigar was sited.

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Community & History

Community Involvement

The Friends Group also perceive their role as one of supporting the local community in any way possible. In 2011 we assisted the Innamincka Sporting Club Inc., to clean up the local race course in preparation for the annual race meeting. The floods of 2010 had left debris and silt in every building and adjoining surrounds. Our efforts were greatly appreciated by the organisers of this event. We again decided to assist in the preparation of the race course in 2012 and timed our working bee to end the day before the race meeting.

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Community & History

Innamincka Cemetery

This historic site, just on the out-skirts of Innamincka, has been sadly neglected over time. The Friends of Innamincka have spent a good deal of time in researching the actual burials at this site. This has proven to be a very difficult task as no records seem to be available. We would be very appreciative of any further information on the cemetery.

In 2011 the Friends Group demolished the remains of the old fence around the cemetery and put a new one. In 2012 we spent many hours weeding and redefining the outlines around the graves.

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